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Moontower Adaptogen Mushroom Coffee

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Moontower Adaptogen Mushroom Coffee

Single Origin, 100% Arabica Ground Coffee with Organic Lions Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, and Ashwagandha

  •  Elevate your Morning Ritual – Moontower Adaptogen Coffee combines high altitude, shade-grown arabica coffee with adaptogens and functional mushrooms to help boost your brain and balance your immune system.
  • Functional Mushrooms plus Adaptogens – We use a blend of organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, and Ashwagandha to help your body combat stress, power mental cognition, and support your immune system in our mushroom coffee
  • Deliciously Simple – Prepare our mushroom coffee just like your favorite coffee at home. You can use our mushroom coffee in a pour-over, steep overnight for a cold brew, or for a simple and delicious drip coffee.
  • Give Back – We partnered with Fara Coffee to source the highest quality coffee for our adaptogen mushroom coffee. Fara Coffee gives 100% of its proceeds back to the people of Nicaragua in four main ways: healthcare, food assistance, education, and eldercare.
Coffee with a Superfood Boost: 2.2lbs of 100% Arabica Coffee – Arabica
coffee with a functional mushroom blend and organic ashwagandha.