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Moontower Ultra Matcha Green Tea Latte - Instant Drink Mix

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Matcha lattes are an elevated energy experience that helps you get more done in a day. Not to mention delicious! 

But trips to the coffee shop take time - parking, waiting in line, ordering, and waiting for it to be prepared. 

Moontower Ultra Matcha Latte gives you a creamy, frothy, coffee-shop-style matcha latte that's ready in 15 sec or less.  Saving you precious time in your day. 

But wait, there's more...

  • Saves you money. ~ $1.50 per latte 
  • Better for you. 0g added sugar
  • True matcha flavor from pure ceremonial grade matcha
  • Not too sweet. With a subtle hint of monk fruit
  • Enhanced with Lion's Mane Mushroom for mental clarity
  • Electrolytes for hydration and cognitive vitality 
  • MCTs support sustained energy of the mind and body

Our instant matcha latte mix has the smooth, long-lasting energy benefits of the highest quality ceremonial grade matcha. 

And the taste is balanced - not bitter or too earthy.

Buy this matcha green tea latte mix today if you've been wanting to upgrade your morning ritual or midday pick me up.

Because the mix of matcha and Lion's mane in this recipe is incredible for getting more work done in a day. 

But there's one thing more...

We have 0g of added sugar for a reason in our green tea matcha latte. The mental clarity and cognitive functioning of our Ultra Matcha Latte are unrivaled. 

Too much sugar is known to cause brain fog, mood swings, and irritability.

And that's why you'll find 0g of added sugar. Your mental clarity is too important and we want to protect it.  Enjoy your iced matcha green tea latte guilt-free. 

Designed for performance and taste. Not too sweet!

Built to give you peace of mind about your health without the unwanted calories of sugar. 

We make these in small batches. Hurry! When they're sold out, they're gone until we can make more. 

Directions to make your instant matcha green tea latte: 

  • Ultra Hot Matcha Latte - add 2 tbsp of powder to 8 oz of hot water and froth or blend until smooth 
  • Ultra Iced Matcha Latte - add 2 tbps of powder to 5 oz of warm water, blend until smooth and pour over ice. 

Where our matcha powder comes from in our instant matcha green tea latte mix:

Our matcha green tea is lovingly grown in the esteemed Aichi Prefecture region of Japan. We make our Ultra Matcha Latte product in Austin, TX.