Hibiscus Lime

Hibiscus Lime

Moontower Matcha

Pure ceremonial grade Japanese matcha tea in a convenient 6oz serving. Our hibiscus lime matcha is a smooth, balanced, and refreshing blend of flavors. Lightly sweetened with monk fruit for zero added sugar - it's sleek, easy to drink, and always good to go.

pure ceremonial grade matcha served ready to drink

unsweetened - 12 pack


  • Pure ceremonial grade matcha 
  • 40 mg naturally occurring caffeine
  • L-theanine for smooth, long lasting energy without jitters or a crash
  • 10X the antioxidants of regular green tea
  • zero sugar 
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ready to drink

Moontower is matcha simplified. Our convenient and portable 6oz cans protect the delicate matcha leaves from nutrient zapping UV light, to make sure you get all the benefits of matcha, without any of the hassles of powders.

Awake, Aware, Calm and Present

Each can of Moontower Matcha contains approximately half a cup of coffee worth of caffeine, 10x the antioxidants of green tea, and L-theanine for a smooth boost of energy.

Natural Ingredients

Moontower Matcha is always gluten free, Non-GMO, and vegan friendly. 

Unique Cultivation Process 

Our ceremonial grade matcha gets its abundant health properties from how it's carefully cultivated. Just before harvesting, our pampered tea trees are shaded from sunlight to pack our ceremonial grade matcha with antioxidants, beneficial nutrients, and to give our matcha its savory umami flavor and vibrant green color. 

What our customers think



I am a matcha lover through and through, and a bit of a snob. These canned matchas are delicious and the perfect size to grab as I leave my house in the morning. I've tried both the unsweetened and lightly sweetened and I'm a fan of both. The sweetened version is VERY light so it's not overpowering or "fake" tasting like a lot of canned beverages can be. It's very subtle. And the unsweetened is perfect for people like me who want the full taste to come through! I highly recommend.


Financial Services

Great taste and conveniently canned. I enjoy the unsweetened matcha flavor more each time I drink it. The lightly sweetened is great when you feel like mixing it up. It’s just a hint of sweet and nothing overbearing.


VP Of Sales

This Matcha tea is over the top good. Being a mature guy, I was hesitant to try this drink, or, any drink besides water or Gatorade. This Matcha tea is refreshing and tastes Great!

Pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha 

We don't cut our matcha with green tea, it's made without unnecessary fillers, and we don't add sugar.