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Moontower Matcha™ Lightly Sweetened - 12 pack

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Our ceremonial grade matcha drink gives you peace of mind that you can work towards inbox zero with clean energy and no jitters. 




  • Elevated energy experience - we only use pure ceremonial grade matcha for smooth, long-lasting energy without jitters or a crash.
  • Feel fantastic - energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine. Our matcha drink is 1/2 the caffeine of a cup of coffee with 0g sugar.
  • Easy to enjoy - skip the hassle of messy powders, our matcha is canned and ready to drink.
  • Refreshing & Delicious - full-bodied savory umami flavor. Pure ceremonial grade Japanese matcha tea with only a hint of monk fruit for a subtle, naturally sweet taste and no bitter afternotes. 


    Imagine powering through your afternoon feeling alert, yet remarkably calm. Feel a wash of confidence as you head off to the gym, realizing you've finished up all your projects, hit inbox zero, and havent even experienced a crash. That’s the power of your Moontower Matcha™ 
    Your new favorite pick me up is made with only the highest-quality pure ceremonial grade matcha tea for a boost with major benefits. For centuries, Zen Monks have used this power of matcha to stay awake and alert during long periods of meditation.
    You can now harness this smooth, long-lasting energy in your day to day. Plus, each can is packed with antioxidants, natural caffeine, L-theanine, and chlorophyll - you're going to feel fantastic all afternoon! 

    If you’re anything like us, you want a caffeine drink you can enjoy guilt-free. But let’s face it, typical energy drinks lead to anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Not to mention they’re loaded with lots of artificial ingredients and synthetic caffeine.

    Moontower Matcha™ has a pure plant-based energy boost with only natural caffeine, nothing artificial, and 0g sugar. It's a true “no-brainer" for health-conscious working professionals. 

    Designed for function and convenience, our 6 oz iced matcha green tea cans mean you don’t have to drink a huge amount of tea at one time. We all know those last few sips of a big bottle of tea are not pleasant. 

    Moontower Matcha™ Lightly Sweetened is easy to enjoy in 3-4 sips! Whether it’s throwing a can in your gym bag or drinking one midday at your desk, you’ll feel more energized and get more done. You’ll get the benefits of true superfood matcha tea loaded with real plant nutrients. 

    • Fight free radicals and inflammation - matcha is a superfood powerhouse with 10X the antioxidants of green tea.
    • Promote feelings of "alert but calm" - specially harvested ceremonial matcha has much higher L-Theanine levels for more alpha brain waves known to support a positive mood. 
    • Boost performance - high amounts of metabolism-boosting EGCG in matcha make it a #1 choice for high-performing fit professionals during the day, or even before a workout, to burn more calories. 
    • Naturally detoxifying - matcha’s vibrant green color is a dead giveaway it’s loaded with chlorophyll that aids in your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself.
    • Lightly Sweetened - even if you're picky about sweeteners, we only use a hint of the superfood sweetener monk fruit. It gets its sweetness from antioxidants present in the fruit with none of the bitter after notes and no effect on blood sugar. 
    • The most 'nutrition-conscious' canned matcha - 100% pure ceremonial grade matcha. No fillers or gums. We don't cut our matcha with regular tea. Each of our canned matcha flavors is sugar-free, calorie-free, carb-free, keto-approved, Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. 

      Did you know you can make a keto matcha latte with this flavor? 

      If you follow a keto diet, you have to be careful of sweet matcha powder or hidden carbs in matcha drinks that come from coffee shops. Use a can of Moontower Lightly Sweetened for a quick matcha latte in 2 easy steps: pour your canned Moontower Matcha drink over ice, add unsweetened alternative milk of choice, and enjoy! 


      EACH BOX

      12 Moontower Matcha™ Lightly Sweetened cans per case (6 oz cans) 


      40 mg per can


      Enjoy Cold. Shake well - separation is natural 


      No gums, fillers, and nothing artificial 


      Non-GMO, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free 


      Shelf Stable 


      Monk Fruit Extract


      Austin, TX USA


      100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha


      Aichi Prefecture, Japan


      Water, Pure Ceremonial Matcha, Monk Fruit Extract, Lactic Acid. 



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