Matcha. Simplified.

No Jitters Just Enough Caffeine Clean Energy

For centuries, Monks have used the power of matcha to stay awake and alert while meditating. Give yourself all natural clean energy, mood enhancing antioxidants and delicious taste from the highest grade ceremonial matcha.

Our Matcha

Matcha gets its abundant health properties from how it's carefully cultivated. Just before harvesting, the tea tree is shaded from sunlight, which forces the tree to struggle for survival. 

This process packs the tea leaves with beneficial nutrients, unique health characteristics, and gives our matcha its sweet taste and vibrant green color.

We use only the highest Ceremonial Grade stone-ground matcha from Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Each can delivers 40mg of naturally occurring caffeine, combined with L-theanine and powerful antioxidants to provide long-lasting, productive energy.

Feel awake, alert, and present without the jitters or “crash” associated with a cup of coffee. 

Our can protects the delicate matcha leaves from nutrient zapping UV light, to make sure you get delicious taste, with all the benefits of matcha, without any of the hassle.

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Austin, Texas

Moontower Matcha was started to bring the benefits of matcha tea to everyone. Our canned matcha is convenient and portable for a perfect matcha experience anytime and anywhere.

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