About our matcha



This is a story that started long ago...
Beginning in 800 AD, the first tea leaves made it to Japan. First brought by Buddhist monks. 
Ever since, the best tea growing regions of Japan have been perfecting the art form of growing the finest tea in the world. 
While matcha is a form of green tea, the plants reserved for matcha undergo a special process. 
And this is what makes matcha so incredibly unique...
Before harvest, matcha green tea plants are carefully shaded by shrouding the fields with large tarps.
When life giving sun is robbed from the tea leaves, they struggle to survive. But death is not an option. 
So they adapt by ramping up production of powerful protective nutrients like chlorophyll, antioxidants and polyphenols. 
Much like the incredible potency of adaptogens that grow in the harsh conditions of the tundra, matcha becomes better as a result of the struggle it endures - in both flavor and nutrient development. 
The best matcha comes from Japan.
That's because this secret cultivation technique has been refined over thousands of years and you want your matcha tea to come from this region. 
The skills of the growers themselves is unmatched. But it's also the condition in which the matcha tea is grown that matters too. 
Just like special wine regions in France, the unique climate, soil, and sunlight in Japan are impossible to replicate.
Both China and Taiwan produce matcha, but among true matcha fans, Japanese matcha is the best. 
Moontower Matcha only has premium ceremonial grade matcha tea from family farms in Japan's esteemed Aichi Prefecture.


If You've Ever Been Frustrated By Drinking Bitter Matcha, This Is Why.


During the shading process and the struggle for survival, matcha tea doesn't just ramp up its potent superfood nutrients like chlorophyll, antioxidants, and polyphenols. 
Shade-grown matcha also has a lot more of the plant compound called L-theanine. And this is why you'll feel incredible alert, yet calm after drinking your matcha tea. 
Natural L-theanine prevents jitters and helps you sink into a naturally meditative state. So you're guaranteed to feel fantastic. 
Now - here's the thing. This is also the compound that gives our matcha it's natural earthy-sweet taste.
So instead of being bitter like other lower grade matcha that has not been shade grown, our ceremonial grade matcha has a flavor that's refreshing and delicious. 
And since matcha begins as a powder that you dissolve in water, you drink the whole leaf.
You get way more of these major benefits for mind and body compared to other types of tea. 
Compare the common method of drinking any other tea. You brew it then toss out the leaves!
You're drinking tea infused water and not the whole leaf like with your matcha.  




But there's one thing more...


For an ideal drinking experience and long-lasting energy, you want to only drink ceremonial grade matcha. 
It's a distinction of quality. Only premium tea leaves are hand selected to be turned into ceremonial grade matcha. And they are always shade-grown. 
The leaves selected for this elite grade grow at the top of the plant. So their taste is the sweetest and come with the coveted 'umami' flavor profile.
Only a small percentage of the matcha tea harvest ever makes this prestigious distinction. 
Another major difference with our ceremonial grade Moontower Matcha is how the leaves are finely stone-ground.
This means you'll get a smooth drinking experience that isn't overly chalky. 
Other grades of matcha tea leaves are labeled as 'culinary grade.' It's what you'll find most often in lattes with milk, baking, and smoothies. 
It's not meant for drinking straight. 
Culinary grade matcha has a bitter flavor profile and it's used most often in cooking. Or it's too sugary so the bitter taste get's covered up. 



Our Guarantee 


We source only the highest-quality, 100% pure ceremonial grade matcha for all Moontower Matcha drinks. And we never cut our matcha with regular tea or lower grades of matcha.
So that is why you'll feel and taste the difference. 
Pure, clean energy that's refreshing and delicious in every single can of Moontower Matcha! 
P.S. We never add any fillers or gums so settling will occur naturally.