How To Pronounce Matcha (NOT HOW YOU THINK)

If you go to coffee and smoothie shops, read this. 

If not, skip it. 

I recently realized that some people don't order matcha. Not because it's crazy healthy for you.

Not because it's one of the most incredible energy experiences mother Nature gave us...

But because they aren't sure how to say it. 

You may have heard about matcha. Or seen your colleagues drinking it for work. 

Or maybe you've seen matcha on the menu at your local boba tea shop.

And you've certainly seen it on the 'Superfood Add-Ins' menu at the juice and smoothie shop. 

Let's make sure that you get the right order when you go.

Whether it's your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or juice bar. You don’t have to get intimidated any more. 

It’s pretty easy to let the person taking your order know exactly what you're looking for.

So many people are beginning to drink matcha instead of coffee, anyway. 

Just order a Maa-chuh shot, maa-chuh over ice, or a maa-chuh latte with your favorite almond, oak, or soy milk.  

“Ma” translates to “rubbed on the ground” and “cha” means “tea.”

So it’s pretty straight forward.

Matcha is a stone ground green tea packed with antioxidants and caffeine. It keeps you feeling focused, energized, and fueled throughout your day.   

And Matcha is a great alternative to a hot cup of coffee in the Summer heat.

Or you can try a quick matcha shot in the afternoon so you keep focus at work. 

And when you breeze through your presentation with incredible ease, with a sharpness and enthusiasm your colleagues haven't seen before.

They'll wonder what's changed...

Only you will know. 


If you want to get more into matcha but don't know where to start...

We made matcha drinks that are easily drinkable at work in 3 refreshing flavors — Peach, Mint, and Hibiscus Lime!

(without sugar, of course)

And the best drinking matcha is 100% ceremonial grade. So that's what you'll get in every one of our canned matcha drinks.

It's the smoothest, tastiest matcha in every sip.

(not chalky or bitter like other grades of tea)

Experience the healthiest energy boost Nature has for us...

With a playful new taste experience!

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