What matcha does for your metabolism

Your daily matcha comes with major benefits for your health and waistline. Since matcha is packed with high amounts of the polyphenol EGCG, you’ll get an added metabolic boost. Combined with the naturally occurring caffeine in matcha, which also increases metabolic rate, you’ll get the perfect duo for burning calories and energizing your day. 

Unlike other green tea varieties, where you steep and discard the leaves, matcha is ground into a fine powder and you consume the whole leaf. This unique process is responsible for the huge amounts of EGCG in matcha. 

EGCG is a type of polyphenol, or plant compound, known as catechins. They're a type of antioxidant found in many superfoods like cacao, cherries, and apples. Matcha's secret to its superior health profile has to do with the fact that it’s more catechin dense that most other superfoods. 


EGCG in matcha has been shown to improve the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel by liberating stored fat from cells. This process allows it to then be utilized as energy. Whether it’s during an intense workout, or thinking through cognitively demanding tasks at work, burning fat for fuel can boost performance and provide long-lasting, steady energy. 


If you’ve been hitting the gym for a while or enjoy a boost before your workout, matcha may be the perfect match for you. Its metabolism-boosting power combined with the natural performance-enhancing effects of caffeine may lead to your best workouts ever. The added benefit of matcha’s ability to boost energy without jitters or a crash is ideal for hard training sessions that demand pure, focused effort. 


Studies have shown that caffeine before a workout delays fatigue so that you can work out longer before you begin to feel tired. It’s a sure-fire way to not only kick your energy into high gear but also to get the most out of each endurance effort.  


Caffeine has also been shown to increase mental focus, improve reaction time, and blunt feeling “the burn” of your weight sets. This means you’ll be able to perform more reps, with more explosiveness, and greater agility. All these factors contribute to a more effective workout with a major metabolic boosting benefit that lasts long after you leave the gym. 


The process of muscle repair and recovery can take anywhere from 24 - 48 hrs, burning calories the entire time. The duo of caffeine and EGCG in matcha support your training, weight management, and fat burning health goals. 


Did you know cold beverages make your body work harder and burn more calories too? That’s right, and it’s just one reason why we think matcha should be enjoyed ice cold. 


Hidden benefits of matcha 


Intense workouts cause oxidative stress from muscle damage. Matcha’s unique antioxidant profile has also been shown to reduce the damage of oxidative stress and help the body fight inflammation. This ability to reduce muscle damage can help accelerate recovery. 


Beware of added sugar that sabotages your health goals


Not all matcha drinks are created equal. If boosting your metabolic rate is the goal, added sugar in your matcha will put the breaks on the natural fat-burning processes. Plus, sugar in liquid form can cause added fatigue and mental fogginess from blood sugar swings that lead to a crash.  


For this reason, we only recommend matcha with zero added sugar. Choose unsweetened or use calorie-free natural sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia. Although artificial sweeteners may not have calories, they can disrupt the delicate balance of healthy gut bacteria that play a crucial role in weight management. It’s not worth the risk. 


How to enjoy a matcha metabolism boost daily 


In the morning: Grab a Moontower Matcha on the way out the door. Our unsweetened matcha and all our matcha flavors have zero added sugar. Our sweetened matcha’s use monk fruit, aka the "longevity fruit," known for its high antioxidant levels & potent anti-inflammatory effects. It has zero calories and you won’t have to worry about a sugar crash either. 


Make a quick matcha latte: for a creamy latte that tastes amazing, we recommend unsweetened nut milk like almond, coconut or cashew to keep the sugar low. You can make it in 3 easy steps: combine 4oz alternative milk of choice with 1 can of Moontower Matcha and pour over ice. Enjoy! 


We recommend our unsweetened, lightly sweetened, or mint matcha for the perfect ceremonial grade matcha latte. 


Pre-workout: try pure ceremonial grade matcha about 30 minutes to 1 hr before your workouts. This is a great way to get all the health benefits of matcha, with an added energy and metabolism boost in your training sessions. Our ready to drink cans are the perfect size so that you can drink it easily, without feeling too full to exercise. 


Matcha Smoothie: If you love daily green smoothies, then you’re going to love this. Moontower Matcha works great as a liquid base for your favorite smoothie mix. Add your greens, protein, good fats and berries for an energizing green smoothie to power your day. 


We recommend our peach, mint, unsweetened or lightly sweetened matcha for your superfood smoothie mix. 


Show us your Moontower Matcha moments! Head on over to Instagram and tag @drinkmoontower enjoying a matcha on the way to the gym, or share your favorite matcha smoothie recipe! 

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