How Much Caffeine Is In Matcha?

Matcha is quickly rising in popularity. And there are more than a few reasons why. 

A calm mind focuses easily.

And matcha is rich in natural plant nutrients that not only calm the mind, but also help you feel more alert. 

Surprisingly, matcha even increases the same alpha brain waves we get during meditation.

Everyone is talking about how smooth it is. No drop off like coffee. 

The pick me up from matcha has a characteristic slow and steady wake up that's been referred to as a gentle lift...

Compared to a freight train for a typical coffee drink. 

Is Matcha Caffeinated? 

Matcha green tea powder isn't called the espresso of tea for no reason. This whole leaf green tea powder packs quite a punch. 

Since you drink the whole leaf, you're getting more caffeine than regular green tea. 

But compared to coffee, it's only about half as much.

So yes, matcha is caffeinated. 

How much caffeine is in matcha? 

Matcha caffeine content is about 70 mg for 1 teaspoon of powder. Compare this to the typical 8 oz cup of coffee that has anywhere from 100-200 mg of caffeine. 

But-here is the thing, matcha caffeine is different.

Other sources of caffeine are associated with a crash. You get a jittery rush, and then the dreaded crash hits. 

This is the drop off. 

Only matcha has a slow and steady release of caffeine. 

This means smooth, long-lasting energy.  

Caffeine in matcha metabolizes more slowly

With matcha, you get high amounts of L-theanine. This amino acid makes the caffeine release slowly over time instead of all at once. 

Coffee doesn't have this stuff. 

So you won't get the big spike and then the crash.

You'll feel energized, but without feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. 

It's not to say you won't get a lot of caffeine at once if you double dosed your matcha powder in your latte, but you're a lot less likely to experience unwanted side effects. 

Even if you think your caffeine tolerance is too high, you may be surprised how much energy matcha will give you.

Because it's a completely different type of energy. 

How matcha caffeine can help you power your day

Matcha is a great alternative to coffee in the morning.

Or use it as a coffee substitute in the afternoon. 

Matcha pairs well with yoga. You'll get that alert feeling, but have a sense of relaxing tranquility at the same time. 

It can even be consumed before a workout for help with weight loss. Matcha has high amounts of EGCG. This antioxidant has been shown to boost metabolism, especially during exercise, for more calories burned. 

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