How the Chlorophyll in Matcha Affects Your Body

How do you know something has chlorophyll?

If it's a plant...and it's has chlorophyll.

So you can forget about having to chug down those expensive chlorophyll drops that taste like a mouth full of grass.

You'll get the major benefits that chlorophyll has to offer the way nature intended...getting your greens in.

You won't even have to eat algae.

Read on to learn why matcha could be nature's best source for chlorophyll. Even better than the barrage of chlorella and spirulina products that all the beauty sites are raving about right now.

So what is chlorophyll, actually?

Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. Plants use it for the absorption of light in photosynthesis so they can create energy. This means that any veggie that looks healthy and green has high amounts of the nutrient chlorophyll. 

The major bonus here is that anything green is also super nutrient dense too. 

What does chlorophyll do for your body? 

Since this plant compound is found in greens, striving to get more chlorophyll means your diet will be full of whole and real plant foods that can lay a foundation for total body health. 

The opposite is also true - fake and more processed foods are linked to poor health.

But for some reason everyone is trying to promote chlorophyll from algae. It's often added to water in the form of dissolvable tablets. 

You probably wouldn't drink pond water. Or even green, sightly brown water, that tastes like dirt.

So one of the other ways you can get more chlorophyll, beside eating more nutrient dense greens, is by having a daily cup of matcha tea. 

Why chlorophyll in matcha stands above the rest. 

The first reason is that matcha has many other compounds in it that work synergistically with the chlorophyll to promote vibrant health.

Beyond the chlorophyll in matcha, you'll get supporting nutrients naturally from the tea leaves - fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants like EGCG.

Matcha's cast of micronutrients support your total body health and compound the benefits of also being rich in chlorophyll. 

The benefits of chlorophyll and nutrient density

There's a reason why you want your health promoting chlorophyll from food sources. Especially, ceremonial grade matcha tea leaves that are strictly shade grown to increase their chlorophyll content (more on this later!). 

The more nutrients we get, the more optimal our mind and body will perform. So instead of isolated chlorophyll tablets, why not get as many nutrients as you can? 

Magnesium is just one these powerful nutrients but it's not insignificant... 

Magnesium is involved in over 400+ biological processes in the body. Let this sink in for one moment...

Everything from metabolism, to melatonin production (deep sleep), manufacturing hormones, and even muscle contractions rely on adequate magnesium levels in the body.

At the center of each chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. So it's often considered a good source of this mineral. 

And given that 80% of the adult population is not optimal in their magnesium status, eating chlorophyll rich green veggies and drinking matcha tea is a way to get more of this mineral through your diet. 

Chlorophyll to support the body's natural detox pathways

Another benefit to chlorophyll is that it helps to support your body's natural built-in detox pathways.  

This is because chlorophyll helps turn on certain enzymes involved with detoxification in the liver. Specifically, chlorophyll binds to toxins that the liver breaks down so that they can then be expelled more efficiently from the body. 

By accelerating the elimination of unwanted toxins from the body, chlorophyll helps support a healthy liver.

And when our detox system is functioning optimally, all the natural systems in our body are given a strong foundation to operate at their best. 

The body is really good at detoxifying itself. Upping nutrients like chlorophyll just helps things along. 

Up your antioxidant status with chlorophyll

We're all aware we can use more antioxidants. Since inflammation is so highly correlated with chronic disease, getting antioxidants from a plant rich diet is invaluable. 

Chlorophyll has antioxidant properties the help fight inflammation. 

And if you're looking for more youth-full skin, antioxidants prevent cellular aging.

They'll help you look younger while combating free radicals that cause skin damage and wrinkles. 

As they say, beauty is on the inside. And this is essentially how chlorophyll works. Plenty of chlorophyll rich foods or matcha drinks paired with a well-balanced nutrient dense diet are the key to your most vibrant, radiating skin. 

So why do we think chlorophyll in matcha green tea is so special? It's because there isn't one single food known to have more antioxidants than high quality matcha.

So with matcha, YOU get lots of antioxidants AND it's loaded with chlorophyll.

Little known healing benefits of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll promotes healing by helping the body clear heavy metals. Much like it binds to toxins in the liver and allows them to get more rapidly expelled, chlorophyll works to eliminate heavy metals stored in the body.

The truth of the matter is that we're exposed to toxins everyday. They're in our environment, the foods we eat, and the products we interact with on a regular basis. 

The accumulation of these metals can cause a myriad of complications. Anything that accelerates their elimination means a proper functioning immune system to naturally combat the challenges that will inevitably come our way.  

How to get more chlorophyll

The answer is a simple one. Eat more greens. (Mom was right all along!)

Especially, the leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, and chard. Strive for 70% of your plate to be made up of dark leafy greens or veggies. 

That's about 8 fistfuls per day. And if you're feeling a little low on greens in general, one great place to start is by committing to having 1 big leafy green salad per day. 

Preferably, this salad contains LOTS of colors and not just greens. "Eat the rainbow" here...more colors means more nutrients and a variety of fiber types. 

Of course, you can get chlorophyll from algae like chlorella and spirulina which is often available in supplement form in powder, liquid drops and tablets.

Add a daily iced matcha drink to your routine. This is our preferred chlorophyll dose of choice.

Did you know matcha's rich green color is the direct result of its high chlorophyll levels?

Ceremonial grade matcha is strictly shade grown. The plant has to struggle to survive when shaded and this ramps up its chlorophyll production even further. 

This is what makes it richer in chlorophyll than lower culinary grade matcha powders or other teas in general that aren't specially shade grown. 

Plus, with matcha, you drink the whole leaf. It's not steeped and then thrown away. This further increases the chlorophyll content you'll get from this true superfood tea. 

If you're looking to get more chlorophyll in your day, drink a Moontower Matcha. You'll get a superfood boost to help you feel fantastic all afternoon. 

And it's how to make chlorophyll taste better...way, way better than those tablets that are like a mouth full of grass. 

Like a playful taste experience! Really. Plus, it's energizing. 

Visit and buy your ceremonial grade matcha drinks today. 

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