Matcha: the best pre workout ever?

Imagine you're dripping with sweat. You have a huge smile on your face. 

Not only are your endorphins pumping, but you're feeling a wash of confidence because you just had one of your best workouts ever.

I'm talking in the zone. You crushed it and you have that priceless feeling that the rest of your day is going to be fantastic.

Not only did you move with focus and ease during your workout, but it's as if everything clicked. Your movements were calculated, precise, and with the right amount of effort.

Plus, you broke an intense sweat. Then it hits you....

Was it the pre-class matcha that gave you your extra edge?

What if you could unlock this every single workout? What difference could that make in your progress?

Why matcha is “The Best Pre Workout Ever”

Finding the ultimate pre workout is not easy. There are all sorts of drinks and powders out there that claim they can boost your performance and burn more calories.

But let's face it, many of the options have artificial ingredients like dyes and fake sweeteners. They're jam packed with stimulants so it's hit or miss whether it's going to make you perform or leaving you feeling like you're going to puke.

You can avoid all the hassles with a nature's original energy drink. Only matcha, straight from nature, has all the components of the perfect pre-workout.

It's no secret. Matcha has been known throughout the centuries as the "elixir of immortality." Samurai warriors drank matcha before going into battle because of its strength and energy benefits.

Talk about trusted for performance for thousands of years...

Now you can harness that same energy to set a personal record in your next workout class.

Matcha is Balanced Energy - It'll make you feel alert without jitters. 

Most pre-workouts contain caffeine and for good reason - it’s repeatedly been shown that caffeine increases focus, improves strength, boosts endurance, and ramps up fat burning during exercise.

However, everyone metabolizes caffeine differently based off genetics. If you’re a slow metabolizer, even a little bit of caffeine during your day can leave you staring at the ceiling all night long. 

And of course, too much caffeine before a workout can make you feel sick.  A workout is already elevating your heart rate and excessive amounts of caffeine can only make matters worse. 

While there are zero caffeine options out there, nothing has proven performance benefits like caffeine.

This is why matcha is just right before your workout. Whether it's a spin class, yoga or a day of lifting, matcha tea is only 40mg of caffeine. It's about half a cup of coffee worth.

You'll get just enough for a noticeable boost but it won't take your heart rate through the roof. Plus, you'll get the focus benefits, you'll get the endurance boosting effects, and you'll get the increased mind/muscle connection  to perform your best.

Simply put, your pre workout matcha will make you feel remarkable alert - yet calm.

Now, you'll also want to also consider these details:

If your current daily caffeine intake is really high, and you drink several cups of coffee a day or regularly consume energy drinks, then your stimulant tolerance is high.

While you might not get crazy amped with your matcha, but you can and should still make the switch.

Choosing an option with lower caffeine may be challenging at first, but in the long run, you'll win by bringing your caffeine tolerance down.

Let's face it, no one can keep going higher and higher on caffeine intake. 

On the flip side, if you don't drink that much caffeine or haven't used any pre-workout supplements, matcha tea before your workout won't make you too jittery or feel too amped up.

Even better, matcha tea even works if you exercise later in the day. This is critically important...

If you workout early in the morning, caffeine to start your day is not a problem. But caffeine later in the day is a different story.

Caffeine too close to bedtime will interrupt your sleep. There's no doubt about it. High caffeine means the greater the sleep disruption and the more caffeine you'll still have in your system when you go to hit the pillow.

You know your sleep is crucial for your overall health, recovery, metabolism, and perceptions of stress. So if you workout later in the day, you know it's wise to go low on the caffeine.

Since matcha is lower than both energy drinks and coffee, it has the ideal amount for your afternoon pick me up. Enough for a boost, not too much so you don't destroy your sleep.

Does matcha help with weight loss? 

Yes, matcha is designed to boost your metabolism - it'll help you burn more calories

It’s important to align your pre-exercise nutrition strategy with your individual exercise goals. If you're anything like us, maximizing the calorie burn is a top priority.

When your goal is burning calories and torching fat, there are really only a few ingredients that have been shown to enhance this process. At the top of the list is EGCG from green tea extract.

Nearly every pre-workout contains this ingredient because it works.

EGCG that has been shown to burn more calories. Premium matcha tea has up to three times the EGCG of regular green tea.

You'll get a whole lore more calorie burn with matcha tea before your next workout.

Matcha Has The Antioxidants Needed For Repair - it'll help you recover more quickly

The cold hard truth is that exercise causes muscle damage. But it's a good thing! This damage causes a localized inflammatory response and the body sends its natural cascade of repair agents to build the area back stronger, leaner, and more fit.

When it comes to accelerating the repair of muscle damage, antioxidants in food play a major role in this process. There are cherries, beets, name it.

But it's impossible to deny the antioxidant powerhouse that matcha truly is. It has potent anti-inflammatory benefits. See how it stacks up...Matcha tea has:

  • 137X more antioxidants that other forms of tea
  • 17X more antioxidants than blueberries
  • 60X more antioxidants than spinach

You get the point.

No other known single fruit or vegetable has more antioxidants than matcha tea. When we exercise, the antioxidants in matcha work to accelerate the muscle recovery process.

This gets you ready for your next class more quickly.

That's really what it's all about. Even if performance is not your goal, doing what you love day after day, and bouncing back from fun workouts day after day is where the real benefit unfolds for you.

How to use matcha before your next workout class

If you want to feel super energized and focused, without getting jittery before your next spin, yoga, or weight training session, then you'll you want to make yourself a cup of matcha tea.

The ideal time to drink your matcha is about 30 min before your workout starts. But anywhere from about 30 min to 2 hrs prior to exercise can be beneficial.

Finding the right boost for your individual needs can be frustrating and confusing with so many options out there. What works for one person may be your worst nightmare and keep you staring at the ceiling all night. 

Why not try the original energy drink the way nature intended?

Go with matcha tea to climb the leaderboard, set a new personal record, and recover more quickly from each workout so you can do it all again!

Looking for matcha that you can drink on the go - no mixing, no mess, and zero cleanup? Moontower Matcha is ready to drink ceremonial grade matcha in a convenient and portable can. Buy now at!

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