I Swore I’d Never Drink Matcha Again Until I Tried It Like This

Stop me if you’ve heard this before but there are only two types of matcha drinkers. You either LOVE matcha and drink it all the time or you hated it and vowed to never drink it again. 

We share what to look for so you never have a bad experience again. 

Just like you, we’ve had great matcha and we’ve had not so great matcha. 

The number one complaint is this, “I love the health benefits, I actually feel it, but it’s too bitter for me.” 

Most people now know about the off-the-charts health benefits of matcha. They’re also looking for a better way to get some energy while finally kicking their addiction to soft drinks and sugar to the curb. 

One sip of low grade matcha and they’re done. They have decided it just wasn’t for them. 

If this happened to you, it’s probably because you’re not drinking the right matcha. 

Don’t give up yet! If you’ve had one too many bad matcha experiences in the past, you likely haven’t tried premium matcha. Lower grade matcha is the most prevalent and like any other natural superfood, matcha can differ widely in a number of ways. 

Just like coffee beans and wines, matcha from the same general region can differ. Due to factors like seasonality and unique characteristics of each growing region, you’ll get major taste variances. 

Other factors that can alter the taste of your matcha include changes in soil, sunlight, amount of water, elevation, and processing. If any of these variables aren’t super dialed, you can create a completely different taste profile from what good matcha should taste like. 

Tea experts know the best matcha only comes from Japan. The growers in these regions have mastered the art of superb tasting matcha over thousands of years. 

So always make sure to drink Japanese matcha tea. 

Unbelievably, matcha is from the same Camellia Sinensis plant that all black teas and oolong teas come from. Matcha is just processed entirely differently. 

The plant is the same, but that’s about it. 

Matcha is grown and harvested through unique processes using centuries old Japanese techniques. This is also how matcha get’s its outstanding health properties. 

Why most matcha tastes bitter.

In the best tea regions of Japan, the special process that has been perfected over the years is known as “shade-growing.” 

This process gives premium ceremonial grade matcha tea it’s floral, subtly sweet umami taste and will never have bitterness to it. If your matcha isn’t shade grown, you might as well just be drinking powdered green tea. 

But that’s not the only reason why your matcha experiences have been bitter. These two additional factors can significantly affect the taste of your matcha and make a cup of even a high quality matcha turn out dull and unpleasant. 

How you store matcha matters. 

How the matcha is stored plays a major role in how your matcha tastes. Matcha is so antioxidant rich that it’s extremely delicate. Excessive exposure to air and sunlight can turn good matcha bad and oxidize it. It loses it’s vibrant green color and it’s a dead giveaway. 

The temperature of water you use for your matcha tea also matters. 

The is the other major factor regarding the taste of your matcha. Water above 175 degrees can accentuate the bitter notes in your matcha. The cooler the temperature of the water, the more mellow the flavor.  

Other ways to enjoy your matcha

We hate to see people miss out on the benefits of matcha because of one bad experience. If you weren’t sure about matcha after your first try - give it another go with an oat milk matcha latte or matcha mixed with lemonade. Ceremonial grade matcha is the best for drinking straight, but you can’t go wrong as long as your tasty beverage!

And if all this seems like too much to source and prepare your matcha, we got you! You can try our ready to drink canned matcha tea. We only use 100% ceremonial grade Japanese matcha tea.

Our convenient cans protect the delicate matcha from harmful UV light. All our flavors are delicious, never bitter, and backed by our Happiness Guarantee!  

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