Easy Matcha Green Tea Energy Hack To Stop The 2 pm Crash

Here’s the big misconception, more caffeine is not the answer when you want to avoid the afternoon slump.
Let’s face it, nobody wants to feel the dreaded tidal wave of fatigue wash over them at 2 pm. 
Even if your morning routine is iron clad and you feel unstoppable all the way to lunch, you know it’s coming.
Like clockwork, something happens around midday. You begin to feel a debilitating fog. 
All feelings of accomplishment and productivity you relished from the morning immediately fade. You realize there’s still work to be done...
But it’s as if your powers have been zapped from you. This is the dreaded afternoon crash. 
We breakdown why matcha green tea is your ultimate energy hack to beat the afternoon slump once and for all.
(Spoiler alert: matcha is nature’s original energy drink. Trusted for thousands of years)
Unlike most energy drinks, there are no unwanted side effects. 
You don’t even have to interrupt your workday or leave your desk. Read on to learn:
  • How the caffeine in matcha green tea makes you feel more energized with less caffeine overall.
  • Why the superfoods in matcha are a 'smarter, healthier energy boost’ for your mind and body compared to typical energy drinks. And if you've been wondering, "why do energy drinks make me tired?" You need to know this. 
  • And how this one compound in matcha can make you crazy productive all day. 

Matcha is lower in caffeine compared to energy drinks but ideal for energy.

You’ve been lied to. More caffeine only drains your energy levels, it never optimizes them. 
Guzzling more coffee or a caffeine loaded energy drink may make sense in the short term but ultimately, we end up feeling anxious, jittery and overwhelmed.
The crash is coming.
You're just hoping it happens after the clock strikes 5.
Imagine if you could get just the right amount of caffeine for a boost but have it break down more slowly? 
We have good news. A typical serving of matcha green tea is only half the caffeine of a cup of coffee or about 40 mg compared to 300 mg in energy drinks. 
Not only does matcha energy feel smooth and never jittery, it happens to be just the right amount to feel more alert in your day. 
You won’t have to deal with a crash. Instead of a big energy high and wondering how long until you crash from caffeine - you’ll generate a more natural, smooth lift.  
Plus, with less caffeine, you'll also avoid the feelings of crushing anxiety and overwhelm. 
But wait, there's more...
You'll give yourself the gift of better sleep and avoid burnout. 

Caffeine and sleep. 

When we constantly raise the bar on caffeine intake, our tolerance goes higher and higher. Pretty soon, it takes more and more caffeine to get the same “feeling.”
If you're wondering, "Why does caffeine not affect me?" 
This is why. You've built your tolerance so high that it simply no longer provides the benefits. 
And when you consume higher amounts of caffeine in your afternoon, the more your sleep will suffer.
There’s no debating this.  
It takes 6-8 hrs for the body to break down only HALF of the caffeine you consume!
This means 150 mg of caffeine in an energy drink consumed at 4 pm leaves 75 mg of caffeine in your system at midnight.
It may not seem like a lot. And you may still even be able to fall asleep. 
Or worse…you’ll stare at the ceiling. Tired but wired.
This will only leave you perpetually sleep deprived.
Even if you're thinking caffeine doesn't affect me, the body is breaking down that caffeine while you sleep.
It's biological impossible to enter a deep and recuperative sleep until that caffeine is out of your system.
You’ll only crash harder the next day and the cycle of more caffeine continues. 

Avoid caffeine burnout.

It’s true - caffeine burnout is a real thing. No matter how many times you’ve sworn to use less caffeine, your behavior says otherwise. You may even feel guilty about it. 
High amounts of caffeine put you in a constant state of fight or flight. In turns on the amygdala, or fear center of your brain.
Basically, you're constantly running from a tiger. You operate in a state of fear, reactivity, and increased perception of stress. 
Sure, it works temporarily. Eventually though, you’ll come crashing down. 
Instead, you can choose lower amounts of natural caffeine. Matcha green tea is perfect in the afternoon when you want a boost that won’t disrupt your sleep.
You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. You’ll power through your workday feeling fantastic. You won’t have to feel guilty about drinking an energy drink. 

Your body craves real superfood nutrients to beat midday fatigue.

To help you generate more energy in your day, which would you rather choose:
1. A nutrient-dense superfood tea that has natural caffeine.
2. Or typical energy drinks with water that have to be fortified with vitamins and loaded with a potentially lab manufactured, synthetic form of caffeine known as caffeine anhydrous?
Ceremonial grade matcha will nourish your body with real-food nutrients, not just natural caffeine.
These are the supporting ingredients and a major component of matcha's energy secret.
Here’s why you can enjoy this caffeine drink and actually feel good about it. 
  • Antioxidant Support - No other known single food item on the planet has more antioxidants than matcha.
Everyday, our modern environment exposes our cells to damaging free radicals and intruders that cause inflammation. This causes accelerated aging, DNA damage, and more.
We have to have enough antioxidants in our system to neutralize the bad guys. Matcha tea has 10X the antioxidants of regular green tea and 17X the antioxidants of blueberries.
Regularly drinking matcha is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of an antioxidant dense superfoods. 
  • Naturally Detoxify - due to the special harvesting practices, pure ceremonial grade matcha has much higher amounts of chlorophyll than other teas.
This plant nutrient is what gives high quality matcha green tea powder its vibrant green color. 
Chlorophyll is known to help support the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself while keeping cells healthy.
If you’re looking to increase your intake of chlorophyll, matcha is one of the best ways to do it. 

Now - Here Is A Bonus Benefit: Matcha and weight loss.

Ceremonial grade match green tea is rich in a plant compound known as EGCG. Its stimulates metabolism, does help with weight loss, and can aid in digestion.
It’s just what you need to bring high performance to your afternoon. It works especially well right before a workout when you’re looking for a performance boost and want to burn the most calories while you sweat. 
What’s even more amazing about the elevated EGCG levels in matcha, which is greater than any other tea, is that is shown to speed recovery. 
Give yourself real nutrients to support all day energy, metabolism, and vibrant health plus get the natural caffeine you need to power through.
No longer do you have to settle for fake caffeine paired with fortified supplements for vitamins. Get pure, clean, superfood matcha energy. 
But that is not all...

Theanine in matcha green tea is the little known energy secret.

This is an old story with a new twist...
Zen monks have used matcha for centuries to enhance their long session of meditation.
Samurai warriors drank matcha before heading into battle because of the intense focus it offered. They called it “the elixir of immortality.” 
If you’re like us, you want what they’ve been drinking….So what’s in this stuff and where does matcha come from?! 
Turns out, Nature has had it right the entire time. Matcha is a specially grown form of green tea from Japan. 
The secret is that an ancient Japanese matcha harvesting technique has elaborated on Nature’s original work. 
You see, no other tea has more L-theanine than ceremonial grade matcha green tea. It’s THE secret to the incredible energy.
High quality matcha is shade-grown, and causes the tea to ramp up it's L-theanine production to survive. 
Science now know's the outstanding benefits of this unique, natural combo of caffeine plus L-theanine that only matcha has: 
  • Longer-lasting energy - theanine makes caffeine metabolize more slowly. You’ll avoid the big spike and crash like coffee or synthetic caffeine. 
  • Combat stress - theanine in matcha increases levels of "feel good” chemicals in the brain to support a more positive mood and reduce feelings of anxiety typically associated with caffeine. 
  • Monk-like focus - the biggest benefit of theanine in matcha green tea is the increase in alpha brain waves. These are the same brain waves present during meditation and the key to matcha’s ability to get you in the zone to help you get more done. 

If you're thinking, "holy matcha, give me some of that!" You're not alone. It's no wonder why matcha tea is quickly becoming known as the best energy drink to stay awake, naturally. 

How you can 'choose health' 

So, when you want to feel a wash of confidence knowing you just moved your most crucial projects forward and crushed inbox zero, reach for a matcha drink.
But the truth is, matcha powders are a hassle. It goes everywhere and it's hard to mix the clumps out without making a mess. 
We fixed it. Moontower Matcha™ drinks are easily drinkable. Perfect for your desk at work. 
You’ll be able to head to the gym after a super productive day realizing you haven’t even experienced a crash all all. 
You can even skip the workout energy drinks - you've had your Moontower Matcha
Plus, the peace of mind knowing you have a ceremonial grade matcha drink, without added sugar or calories - ready to drink at anytime…that’s a no brainer. 
Haven’t tried it yet, but you want to give yourself the gift of an elevated energy experience?
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