Keto Matcha Drink: Why Monk Fruit is nature's best sweetener

Monk fruit is the best sweetener for keto or low carb matcha drinks. This is why. 

The problem with other matcha drinks is that they're loaded with sugar. It's not only bad for your waistline but too much sugar also causes moodiness, difficulty concentrating and more cravings.

Nobody has time for sugar induced irritability and brain fog. 

We have good news. Now you can have your matcha without the unwanted calories of sugar.

The taste is smooth and the sweetness is so perfect.

We break down why monk fruit is the ultimate sweetener companion for your matcha drink and why you should avoid other sweeteners.

What to avoid: Artificial Sweeteners

You know those sugar free sweetener pumps at the coffee shop? Don't use those. They may be able to claim 0g of sugar, but they're artificial.

Not only are artificial sweeteners often filled with harmful chemicals, they also can cause a mix of specific problems....

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to disrupt the delicate balance of gut bacteria. This has downstream effects for everything from the immune system to brain function.

It's called the "gut brain connection" for a reason. What effects one, will effect the other. 

Furthermore, these artificial sweetener versions can be 600X sweeter than table sugar. When that intense of a sweet sensation hits the pleasure centers in the brain, they aren't equipped to handle it.

We get a huge dopamine hit and the brain says, "I liked that, do that more, please."

It leaves us craving more and more of this intense sweet sensation all day long.

What else to avoid

Cane Sugar, Invert Cane Sugar, Sugar, Sucrose, Dextrose....

Added sugar has many names. It's best to avoid them all. Especially when it comes to calories in liquid form.

At least some added sugar in food will sometime involve chewing or even other macros like protein and fiber that can slow absorption a bit, which is helpful. 

With liquids that contain added sugar, there's nothing to slow it down. No chewing, no fiber, and no breakdown over time.

Just a pure mainline of sugar into the bloodstream. It's why they say, "don't drink your calories."

This leads to weight gain, difficulty concentrating, and all the health risks that these empty calories entail.

It's just not worth it.

Why monk fruit in your matcha is an ideal choice

We love honey, but it's still added sugar. If you're vegan, this option is likely a no go as well.

Maple syrup has minerals, but the taste is strong...and it's still added sugar in liquid form.

Stevia is great. It's calorie free and made from a leaf that's sweet. But it's often bitter. Many people just can't handle the bitter aftertaste.

Since matcha is a superfood, it's only fitting that it's paired with another superfood ingredient to double-the-awesomeness.

It's true - monk fruit gets it's natural sweetness from antioxidants present in the fruit! But it's not actually a fruit. It's a gourd. We'll explain.

So what is Monk fruit actually?

Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is a gourd that's native to the mountainous regions of china. It's round and looks like a small melon.

Monk fruit sweetener is made by removing the seeds and skin from the fruit and then crushing it. Once the juice is collected, it's turned into an extract with zero calories.

Originally, the name is from the Buddhist monks who used to harvest the fruit on small family farms.

Over the centuries, it's been used in eastern medicine as a potent herbal remedy. It was even refferred to as the "Buddha Fruit  or "Immortals' Fruit."

It's only fitting that the matcha tea Buddhist monks have drank over the centuries to stay alert while meditating for long periods is also sweetened with the "Buddha Fruit."

Side note: Monk Fruit is known as the "Immortal's Fruit" and Matcha is known as "the elixir of immortality." Ceremonial Matcha sweetened with monk fruit - what more of an unstoppable combo could you have?

What's interesting about Monk fruit though is that the sweetness is a direct result of the antioxidant compounds, known as mogrosides, present in the fruit.

Health Benefits of Monk Fruit

Here are a few of the outstanding health benefits of natural monk fruit sweetener:

  • Won't raise your blood sugar
  • It has no calories
  • Fights inflammation
  • Fights free radicals
  • Lowers risk of obesity

It's known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties while only checking in about 150-200 times sweeter than table sugar.

Traditionally, the health benefits of monk fruit were utilized in eastern medicine by making a tea that was used as a remedy for cold and digestive issues.

There's no doubt antioxidants can support a healthy immune system and this is likely where it's healing properties come from.

Natural, zero calorie monk fruit sweetener can also be great for diabetics. Since it's low glycemic and doesn't raise blood sugar, it can give you the sweet taste you desire without many of the deleterious side effects of sugar.

This also makes it ideal for a weight management protocol.

A major benefit for your health, monk fruit is labeled as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. It doesn't have any of the side effects associated with artificial sweeteners. 

What you'll love about Monk Fruit in your matcha

The main reason monk fruit sweetener is the perfect pairing for matcha is that you can get a delicious and smooth taste with none of the bitter afternotes of other sweeteners.

Even better, using Monk fruit in your matcha drink can make fit most of your dietary needs for Keto, low carb, or Vegan diets.

At Moontower Matcha, we pride ourselves in offering monk fruit sweetened, ceremonial grade, and canned matcha drinks that are refreshing and delicious, not loaded with sugar.

We are the most nutritious matcha drink and that's why we chose to sweeten our canned matcha tea with monk fruit.

We also don't believe in sacrificing nutrition for taste. Our matcha drinks can satisfy your sweet tooth but do it guilt-free. We believe in using a small amount of sweetener too so that it's just enough to be noticeable - never overpowering.

Try it TODAY - use code MOONTOWER20 at checkout when you visit and save 20% on your order of our canned keto matcha drinks sweetened with monk fruit. 

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