Why not try a matcha shot?

It's 2 pm and you're starring at an open fridge...

The little voice in your head wonders, "how much caffeine is too much?"

No judgement, we've been there. Nobody has time for the 2 pm crash. 

We have good news. There's a better way than guzzling down more caffeine. 

How much caffeine is too much? 

It seems like there's an endless selection of bright neon cans packed with as much caffeine and sugar as possible on the shelves today. Each one claims to get you through your busy day.

Generally, it’s recommended that healthy individuals should limit their caffeine to around 400mg of caffeine. That may seem like a lot, but you can easily get there with only four cups of brewed coffee.

You may be thinking it's no big deal. Except the truth is the stakes are just too high.

Maxing out your caffeine intake can cause a myriad of problems including, insomnia, increased blood pressure, digestive issues, and an increased heart rate. 

The unpleasant crash alone after the initial rush of caffeine and sugar can leave you more exhausted than you started and searching for another quick fix to keep you going.

Here's what you'll find in a few different caffeine shots (Caffeine Level):

5 Hour Energy - 200mg

Espresso - 2oz - 90 mg

Matcha - 8 oz - 72mg

Now let's compare this to common energy drinks (Caffeine Level):

Rockstar - 160mg

Adrenaline Shoc - 300mg

Bang Energy - 300mg

There's a better way...

If you’re worried that your caffeine and sugar is getting way too out of control - a matcha shot may be the answer.

The caffeine in a shot of matcha combined with naturally occurring L-theanine, a natural occurring amino acid, works with caffeine to give you a calm sustained lift. 

It's just the right amount to keep you focused and productive without getting you so amped up you’re bouncing off the walls.

One other main benefit of a shot of matcha is that it's quick, effective, and it will keep you alert and focused for up to six hours.

Plus, it's completely natural. No harsh chemicals. Nothing synthetic and without the anxiety.

So if you're looking for a better energy drink alternative and you want a 100% plant based boost, a matcha shot is for you. 

How to make a matcha shot.

Here's what you'll need to do. 

You'll want to start with 1 tsp of ceremonial grade Japanese matcha tea powder (feel free to make it a double)

Next, you'll need to heat some filtered water. (matcha is traditionally enjoyed in about 3 sips worth or about 4 oz of water)

Then, you'll need to run your matcha through a sift. Matcha is very clumpy. Without this step, it will be tough to get a smooth consistency. 

With your matcha whisk in hand, whisk vigorously side to side until the matcha is dispersed evenly and a froth forms on the top. 

Top it off with a little more hot water and enjoy! 

How to have your matcha shot without having to do any of the work. 

If you do make matcha yourself, it will cost you. Here's how. You'll...⁠

-waste time measuring powder⁠
-have to sift out all the clumps⁠
-need to use a blender or whisk⁠
-spend time cleaning up the mess⁠

Your time is too valuable. Our canned matcha shots make it easy for you to enjoy your matcha boost quickly and while on-the-go! 

All you have to do is open, sip, and enjoy. 

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