One Easy Way To Make A Chai Tea Latte At Home

This warm, savory, and comforting homemade chai tea latte takes 15 seconds or less to make. And the prep couldn't be easier - all you need is one ingredient!

Here's what you'll need:

Yes, it's that simple. 

How to make your homemade chai tea latte

  1. Get 8 oz of water hot on the stove and pour this into your favorite mug
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of Moontower Adaptogen Chai Tea Latte mix
  3. Froth until smooth, serve and enjoy!

Now, you may be wondering, "are chai lattes good for you?" 

Some chai lattes are so sweet, they nearly burn your throat. 

And most of them at the coffee shop are made from concentrate syrups. I get it, they're in a hurry to serve a lot of folks.

But you can't know exactly what you're getting. 

So we strive to change this. Chai Tea Lattes are a true wellness drink, so we only made it with ingredients that you can feel good about. 

The Moontower Adaptogen Chai Tea Latte you've just prepared doesn't have a bunch of sugar.

There's no weird stuff like sugar alcohols, powdered carbs from oat milk, and it's not loaded with unwanted calories. 

Plus, it's dairy free and perfect if you want a refined sugar free chai latte. 

And to be exact, there's only 1g of sugar in this chai latte powder per serving.

Now, that means you can have peace of mind that what you're drinking is actually good for you. 

According to the Starbucks website, a Chai Tea Latte clocks in at 42g of sugar and 250 calories.


One of the major downsides to all that sugar is not just the unwanted calories.

It's how sugar ultimately zaps your energy.

High amounts of sugar give you a sugar spike followed by a crash. It may give you a temporary rush, but you'll soon feel moody, irritable and have the dreaded brain fog. 

This Chai Tea Latte is not only delicious, but it's good for you. 

Not only does it have zero added sugar, it's made with real, organic spices for a more modern take on your favorite warm drink with major health benefits. 

What's inside the Moontower Adaptogen Chai Latte Powder:

  • Premium black tea - non jittery energy 
  • Coconut milk powder - creamy and smooth, dairy-free
  • Adaptogen blend 
    • Ashwagandha for stress relief 
    • Lion's Mane Mushroom to sharpen focus
    • Reishi Mushroom to boost immune health 
  • Pink Himalayan Salt delivers minerals and hydration
  • Monk Fruit Extract provides sweetness without sugar or carbs
  • Organic spices to offer blood sugar balance and a little natural detoxification 


What is in a chai tea latte? 

Most use dairy plus a concentrate of sugar and black tea. 

But with our Adaptogen chai latte powder, it has a complete wellness chai mix all in one with coconut milk, real spices, premium black tea, and adaptogens including: 

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Organic Cardamom

Organic Clove

Organic Nutmeg

Organic Ginger 

What does a chai tea latte taste like?

Chai is warm, savory, and comforting. It's natural sweet and floral. 

Is there caffeine in a chai tea latte?

The Moontower Adaptogen Chai Latte powder has a caffeine content of 45 mg per serving. Use 2 level tablespoons to get this caffeine amount. It's about half a cup of coffee worth. 

Can I make this chai tea latte iced?

Yes, you can make it an iced chai latte. Just use 5 oz of water and pour over ice. Some of the ice will melt, so that's why it's less water.

What is a dirty chai latte?

A dirty chai latte is when you add your favorite shot of espresso to your chai tea latte drink. You can also use 5 oz of regular brewed coffee. 

And yes, you can make Moontower Adaptogen Chai Latte dirty. The adaptogens help to combat the added caffeine of the coffee and prevent jitters. 

Is there a lot of calories in chai tea lattes?

Chai Latte Calories are not insignificant. Starbucks Chai Tea Latte is 250 calories. 
Only Moontower Chai Latte Powder has minimal calories in each serving, which is 50 calories! 
You can also find the Adaptogen Chai Latte Powder on Amazon at the link below. 

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