Chai Tea Latte Ingredients That Might Transform Your Daily Wellness Ritual

You'll want to drink it all day (really, it's that good!).

This "all in one" chai tea latte mix costs way less per cup than a trip to the coffee shop. And way healthier too.

Built by a health coach that's worked with hundreds of nutrition and wellness clients all across the world. 

The Chai Tea Latte Ingredients

chai tea latte ingredients

Chai Latte Spices 

Warm, savory and soothing, each spice hand selected for its flavor profile and beneficial health compounds. 

The chai spice mix includes organic ceylon cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger.  

Ceylon Cinnamon 

Not only does it add a ton of antioxidants, but cinnamon is pretty powerful at nutrient partitioning.

This means it makes slow-digesting carbs digest even slower, it balances any spikes in blood sugar for more stable energy after eating, and it shuttles the carbs eaten into muscle more easily (and away from fat storage). 

This means it'll fight those free radicals and offer longevity benefits of more stable blood sugar over time. 

Not to mention it has a warm, sweet flavor that'ss delicious and aromatic. 


Cardamom is a spice used around the world to add flavor and zest to dishes. 

It's also been used as a medicinal ingredient and is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes it very beneficial for our health. 


The aromatic flower buds of a tree, cloves are sweet and packed with antioxidants. 

Known for balancing blood sugar and can even help block the growth of unwanted bacteria. Your gut health will thank you. 


Soothing to the stomach and boosts your immune system, but that's not all...

This superfood is most well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The more we help our bodies fight inflammation, the greater our health.  


You'll get a natural, gentle detoxifying effect from this super spice. It acts as a rich source of antioxidants to fight free radicals and prevent premature aging of the skin. 

Chai tea latte ingredients aren't just tasty - they functional. You can feel good about drinking it.  The spices work in harmony for a total wellness drink that supports mind and body. 

But that's not all. Chai tea latte ingredients often include milk and sweeteners. But as a company that values your health, we did things a little different. 

Our chai latte is vegan and keto. (Yes, really!)


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Coconut - why it's the best plant based milk alternative 

Here's a little secret...

For a creamy and delicious latte every time, use coconut milk. It's healthy and energizing since it's a natural source of MCT's. 

MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are a type of fats in coconut that are easily used by the brain and body for energy. Boosting cognitive function and offering a metabolism boost are just a few of the performance benefits. 

They're also thought to be therapeutic to the microbiome and gut lining. As a unique structure of fats, they can pass through tight junctions of the gut and deliver antimicrobial properties. 

Made with the keto sweetener monk fruit

Monk fruit  gets its sweetness from antioxidants present in the fruit. There's no effect on blood sugar and none of the bitter afternotes of stevia. 

The result...a subtle sweetness that's just right. 

 chai tea latte with ashwagandha

Adaptogenic Mushrooms and Ashwagandha

Reishi Mushroom Benefits 

It's original been enjoyed in a reishi mushroom tea. Known for having powerful immune modulating effects, this mushroom helps the body achieve inner balance - even in the central nervous system. 

High amounts of beta glucans, the plant compound found in reishi mushrooms, also fights inflammation in the body. 

As for how you'll feel...think calm, collected and present. 

Lion's Mane Mushroom Benefits 

If you've ever mixed Lion's mane mushroom with a little bit of caffeine...only then will you know what I'm talking about. 

It feels like cutting loose. 

Freeing yourself from brain fog, issues with memory recall, and having trouble focusing. All of this noise fades away...

You're left with pure signals from the brain of how to manage the task at hand.

It's that good at sharpening the mind and dialing in your cognitive function. 

Not to mention it's ability to be anti-fatigue, improve your mood, and neuroprotective. 


Paired with the natural caffeine as one of the Moontower Chai Tea Latte Ingredients, it's a game changer when you want to get more work done in a day.  

Ashwagandha Benefits 

This adaptogenic herb has been used for thousands of years.  Because it's that good.

If you're experiencing anxiety or mental stress, this medicinal herb calms you down. Think "squeezing a stress ball" but straight from mother nature. 

It's also loaded with antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds that have a host of benefits for stamina, mood, and immune system performance. 

Like a warm hug, this chai latte ingredient makes you feel just as good!




Organic Spices - Why it matters

Daily decisions about whether or not we decide to get adequate sleep, practice movement, eat wild caught fish or include 10 minutes of meditation all affect our health and wellbeing. 

And one tiny choice that you can make to improve your health right now doesn't require sweat, hard work or discipline...

Make the simple switch to organic dried spices.

Pretty simple right? 

Just to be clear, this isn’t about inducing fear regarding conventional spices/

Please don’t ask the waiter about the organic status of the spices used on your food. 

But when something is simple to implement, effortlessly integrates into your life, and comes down to a simple buying decision -  it’s a no brainer.

Why organic spices are so amazing…..

Organic spices benefit us in many ways, from making food taste better, adding a nutritional punch to smoothies and beverages and some even have valid therapeutic or medicinal applications. 

What would potatoes be without rosemary and thyme? Chicken with garlic and herbs, yes please!

Or a personal favorite……oven roasted Japanese sweet potato with a pinch of pink salt, ceylon cinnamon - plus grass fed butter! (<—not a spice!)

Spices are plants, roots and bark - they’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols.

Many posses unique compounds with extreme healing properties:

  • Cinnamon not only ads flavor to your smoothies, but it has the unique ability to help regulate blood sugar. This is especially beneficial to diabetics. 
  • Athletes benefit from cinnamon around workouts because it has the unique ability to shuttle carbohydrates into muscle tissue where they can be burned as fuel or aid in recovery. 
  • Cacao is an antioxidant powerhouse and contains theobromine - a mild stimulant similar to caffeine that can help you feel alert without the jitters or crash. It also has the ability to improve circulation - good for both body and brain during cognitively demanding tasks or instances where athletic performance is paramount. 
  • Turmeric and ginger in a golden milk latte have potent total body anti-inflammatory properties - aiding in everything from improving gut health, alleviating joint discomfort to keeping the body’s immune system healthy. 
  • Hot spices like cayenne can increase your core temperature and raise your metabolic rate to get your body burning more calories at rest. 

Why Choosing Organic Spices Is So Important

Dried spices have to be treated. The last thing you want to see growing in your spice jar is mold - this can cause health complications and can make you one dissatisfied customer. 

Spice manufacturers must also kill potential microbial pathogens - making the raw materials safe for consumption and satisfying the general liability and consumer health requirements of the public. 

Mold reduction also extends the shelf life of the product so you actually have time to enjoy it before it spoils. 

However, some (not all!) conventional spice companies use questionable sterilization methods. 

Here are 2 of the most common methods: 

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (ETO) or Propylene Oxide - a chemical fumigation that inhibits mold growth, and essentially damages the DNA of any pathogens, killing them on the spot. 

There are plenty of items in this world that we can all be grateful to sterilize. Especially medical devices like scissors, scalpels, dentist equipment. etc where microbial invaders often cause life threatening infections and more. 

These objects are typical made of non porous metal, we don’t ingest them and we’re not in contact with these items on a daily basis. 

Dried spices on the other hand are a porous food item, we do ingest them at meal time, in coffee, tea and smoothies - likely multiple times per day. 

The biggest concern with ETO fumigation would be any residue left over on the raw materials, especially since food is a porous surface. It’s obvious why using ETO treated spices daily in your food would be a bad idea. 

Chemicals like ETO contribute to our overall toxic load, and a greater toxic load within the body often results in disrupted hormone signals (think high estrogen in Men), increased neurological challenges (chemicals interrupt brain signals), and a whole host of inflammation responses within the gut leading to downstream consequences for the entire body. 

Manufacturers do not have to disclose if a food has been treated with ETO. 

Irradiation is the other common spice sterilization method - nothing like bathing your food in gamma radiation. Think nuclear power plant, or the x ray machine at the Dentist’s office when you get covered with a protective lead jacket.

Not only does this method reportedly damage delicate antioxidants and naturally occurring nutrients - the idea of potential lingering radiation on my spices makes this process a “no go” 

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m only using a pinch of these organic spices, how bad could it be?”

Keep in mind spices are concentrated - the leaves, bark or roots are dried and the water is removed.  A concentrated powder is what’s left.  

The flavor is condensed, the nutrient density by volume goes up, but unfortunately, any lingering chemical residues are also concentrated. 

The Advantages of Organic Spices 

By law, organic spices cannot be treated with ETO and they can’t be irradiated. Organic means your’e also reducing your exposure to pesticides or other modern agricultural chemicals.

The added benefit of organic certified spices is that they will also be NON GMO. 

How organic spices get treated: 

Organic spices still have to be treated for potential microbial pathogens and mold growth must still be inhibited. This is typically done through a process called steam sterilization - think high temperature, short time.

Steam sterilization exposes the raw material spices to a hot steam for a very short time (matter of seconds), killing microbial pathogens while keeping delicate nutrients in tact. 

Choosing organic spices is one way to limit your toxic load. 

And keep this in mind...

We’re exposed to toxins everyday, from the clothes we wear to the artificial surfaces we touch at our desks or in our cars. Even the parking garage or waiting to walk across a busy street exposes us to potentially hazardous toxins from vehicle emissions.

Thankfully, our body’s are machines and they do a good job of eliminating toxins, especially if you’re a metabolically healthy individual.

It’s also important to note that not all organic spices lacking the "organic seal" are bad. 

For one, the certified organic seal is expensive and requires an annual payment that many small companies can’t afford. It's also depends on the facility - the organic cert has a lot to do with the facility and where a product is made.

Sometimes the farm’s that grow the spices don’t want to jump through the hoops required for an organic certificate - even though they follow organic growing practices and don’t use genetically modified seeds.

Furthermore, just because a spice isn’t organic certified, it doesn’t mean it’s been genetically modified.

There are plenty of spices without the organic stamp that are NON GMO. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to trusting you brand or manufacturer. If you have a question, ask them.

Manufacturers or brands have the data on how their spices are treated and the GMO status of the raw materials. 

Most of them will proudly display their quality on the packaging. Frontier Co Op does a great job at this with their spices. 

Alternatively, if a brand won’t answer your simple questions about process or gmo status and it’s not stated on the packaging, then you may want to consider an alternative company. 

With respect to each company’s proprietary information for business purposes - basic processing or broad raw material questions shouldn’t be a guarded secret.

Chai Tea Latte Ingredients With An Upgrade  

There you have it. Everything that goes into a warm, savory chai latte that's designed with your health in mind. 

Try mushroom adaptogenic chai today and experience the difference. 

We believe in it so much, it's always backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee - love it or we'll make it right! 




(Photo by René Porter on Unsplash

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