Theanine - this amino acid in matcha tea is how you avoid the jitters

L-theanine: caffeine’s ultimate sidekick

We all know that awful feeling of too much caffeine. You get jittery, it’s difficult to focus the energy boost and actually be productive. After afterward, it leaves you feeling wired but somehow still tired.

Pair L-theanine with your caffeine and this is no longer a problem.

You can say good bye to the crash. You’ll eliminate sleepless nights from too much caffeine. Most importantly, you’ll regain the focus and mental clarity you crave for your most productive days.

The reason is in L-theanine’s ability to eliminate any unwanted side effects of caffeine, especially the feelings of anxiety and the quick spike followed by a crash. L-theanine is responsible for making caffeine’s energy boosting effects smooth and long lasting.

The results is hours of productivity and clear headed thinking.

How to get L-theanine in nature

L-theanine is a naturally occurring plant compound found in tea leaves. It’s especially high in matcha tea. It’s no surprise the first to harness Nature’s perfect caffeine/theanine duo were Buddhist monks whom needed to stay awake during long meditation sessions and Samurai warriors to become alert and focused before battle.

Matcha is one of the richest sources of naturally occurring L-theanine and higher in caffeine than most other teas. In fact, it’s up to 5X higher in theanine than most other black and green teas.

Matcha is rapidly growing in popularity because people are uncovering its ability to increase alertness, enhance mental clarity, and boost cognitive function.

While matcha is commonly referred to as a “superfood” and widely known for it’s off-the-charts health benefits, it may quickly become your new favorite productivity hack.

Matcha is not only good for you, it’s a potent performance tool during your workday.

If you have a demanding schedule, you can benefit from this green superfood as your new favorite daily caffeine drink of choice.

While the overall caffeine content in matcha may be lower than a typical cup of coffee or conventional energy drink, the feelings of alertness last much longer. Reducing total caffeine for your day is a great practice to get a more restful nights sleep.

With naturally occurring caffeine and L-theanine in matcha, you can lower your total caffeine compared to a cup of coffee or energy drink but be even more energized throughout your day.

Why L-theanine matters

  • L-theanine works hand-in-hand with the naturally occurring caffeine in matcha to give you enhanced concentration and increased cognitive function.
  • The caffeine in matcha makes you alert while the L-theanine gives you a relaxed and positive mood - feel “alert but calm” and eliminate the jitters.
  • L-theanine helps level out the spike and crash typically associated with energy drinks or high levels of synthetic caffeine. You’ll get pure, smooth, long-lasting energy.

The science

L-theanine is an amino acid that’s found in green tea leaves and certain fungi and studies have shown it induces feelings of relaxation and reduces tension.

According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, L-theanine creates calming effects due to selective serotonin and dopamine modulation, cognitive improvement, and improved selective attention during mental tasks.

These findings are likely due to changes in alpha brain wave activity. This change to a more alpha wave state promotes mental clarity and this is induced by increased L-theanine.

Imagine being in the zone - the sweet spot of productivity and creative thinking known as flow, energized yet fully immersed in the task at hand. This is how L-theanine and caffeine in matcha work synergistically to give you ultimate productivity.

How alpha brain waves boost productivity

Brain waves were first discovered in 1924 by German psychiatrist Hans Berger when he realized that he could measure the electrical activity in your brain.

Your brain contains billions of neurons that use electricity to communicate and function. When all the neurons are working together, they create waves of electricity that can be measured and analyzed.

Brain waves can be divided into five different lengths and can change depending on our mood, activity level, and time of day.

Alpha brain waves, which operate at 8 to 12 HZ, help reduce depression and improve creative thinking. The same Alpha brain waves that L-theanine can help promote have also been shown to be present during periods of meditation.

How you can benefit from matcha’s mental boost daily…

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It’s the perfect morning boost or afternoon pick-me-up to power through your busy workday.

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To learn more about the science behind L-theanine, EGCG, and Alpha brain waves check out:

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