Thick vs Thin Matcha - What's the difference?

Basic Matcha Green Tea Facts.

For centuries, Matcha has been prepared in a totally different method compared to traditional English or Sweet teas that most Americans are familiar with. It's not steeped and then discarded. You drink the whole leaf.

Matcha green tea powder is whisked together in a wide shallow bowl with hot water using a bamboo whisk to form a thick frothy paste.  It's meant to be consumed in only a few sips.

There's a reason matcha is known as the 'espresso of tea.'

Main difference between thick matcha vs matcha that's thin. 

Matcha drinks can be either thick (Koicha) or thin (Usucha). Thick matcha is closer in consistency to a paste, whereas thin matcha is the more familiar and more readily available frothy Usucha beverage you would find at your local coffee shop. Koicha uses double the matcha (4g / 2 tablespoons) and less water (2.5oz v 1.5oz).

The thicker the matcha drink mix, the more intense the flavors. So you should only use the very best ceremonial grade matcha green tea if you’re planning on going thick. But beware, ultra premium matcha can get expensive, and you may find your favorite morning ritual adding up quick.

Make your matcha drink work for you. 

If you’re new to matcha, this may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. However you choose to consume your matcha tea, the health benefits are still off the charts.

Let's face it. Carrying matcha powder, a whisk, and a delicate handmade ceramic bowl on your morning commute is hardly practical.

What if there's an easier way to enjoy all the matcha benefits?

What's important to most people are the affects of matcha; the famous sustained energy boost and the calm productive high. Luckily, no matter the delivery method, a tablespoon or two of high quality matcha will get the job done.

With the growth of matcha’s popularity, there are more and more ways to add matcha into your daily routine. You can get the benefits of matcha by adding it to your morning smoothie, green juice, or you can make a matcha latte.

Matcha is even popping up as an additive in more and more foods like chocolate bars and baked goods, like matcha brownies, to give them an extra kick! 

Have matcha without having to do any of the work. 

Imagine if you didn't have to mess with powders at all?

Moontower is canned matcha shots you can enjoy anytime. We only use the highest quality matcha so the thickness doesn't matter. You'll get all the health benefits of ceremonial grade matcha in a more portable and convenient way. 

It's refreshing and delicious, with all the feelings of energy and alertness that only pure ceremonial grade matcha can deliver. Plus, our ready to drink matcha cans are without added sugar. 

Throw one in your gym bag or pull one out of the refrigerator and head to work. It's you’re canned matcha drink ready to go.

(don’t forget to recycle our cans!)

There's no mixing, whisking, weighing, measuring powders, no jitters, and zero crash - just pure clean matcha energy. 

With Moontower there is never an excuse to have to slog through your afternoon workload! You'll hit inbox zero and feel a wash of confidence as you head off to your gym class feeling refreshed and renewed. 

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