Why Is Matcha So Expensive?

If you're anything like us, you want to drink the finest matcha in the world. But beware - not all matcha is created equal.

And I'm telling you...

You want to drink the 'good stuff.' 

It's the same matcha Zen monks have used since the 12th century to stay awake during long periods of focused meditation. 

And the drink of choice for Samurai warriors before heading into battle so that they feel energized and alert. They proclaimed it was the "elixir of immortality."

Matcha's track record spans many centuries with unparalleled energy, performance and mental clarity. 

Whether you’re a matcha newbie or a seasoned matcha veteran - don’t get overwhelmed by the endless options.

After this article, you'll know the best tips to buy matcha like an expert. 


Expensive Matcha, Explained. 


Premium matcha options can vary wildly in price ranging from $.50 to over $5.00 per gram. Like you, we drink our matcha more than once per day.

A morning matcha drink starts the day with clarity. 

And then you can have matcha in the afternoon to feel incredible energized - without destroying your sleep. Because it's only half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. 

So you can have it later in the day and not stare at the ceiling like you would with too much caffeine from coffee or a typical energy drink. 

But we understand this daily ritual can add up quickly if you're a matcha fanatic. Drinking your matcha tea a couple of times each day with 2 or 3 grams of matcha per cup adds up. 

But, that is not all. 

Matcha is expensive because of the time consuming and labor intensive processing that turns regular tea trees into something special.

Like with most things - you get what you pay for.

And there is a lot of history and hard work that goes in to making your favorite daily matcha tea available in your home kitchen. 

Now - you might not know the real reason why matcha is so expensive...

It has to do with how matcha is specially-grown...

The tea plant, aka Camellia Sinensis, was first brought to Japan in 800 AD. 

But over the years a special process has been created for tea plants designated as high quality matcha. Only the top shelf plants get this designation and they undergo a very unique process.

Before cultivation, only matcha tea plants are shaded in the final weeks before harvest. The tea producers do this by carefully covering the matcha fields with giant tarps. 

When robbed of sunlight, the tea plant struggles to survive and it focuses all of its nutrients in the top leaves for photosynthesis.

This concentrates the top layer of leaves with super nutrients and adds major health benefits like adding a whole lot more chlorophyll.

Then, these special-grade tea plants are harvested by hand to ensure only the very best leaves make it into matcha production.

From here, the specially designated, premium tea leaves are stone ground into a fine matcha powder.

It prevents clumps in your matcha drink so it's easier to mix and you get to enjoy a smooth drinking experience.

So that is why matcha is so expensive. 

Regular green tea plants have not undergone this cherished cultivation process and art of tea growing. They are not shade grown. It's nowhere near as expensive to produce. 


But do know there is a point of diminishing returns.  

You can find great quality matchas at reasonable prices to help you keep your stash of matcha full for around $1.00 per serving.

So you don’t need to break the bank to get started with matcha.

When you compare the cost of a latte at your local coffee shop you’re saving time and money by using your high quality matcha powder at home. 


3 Easy Ways To Find High Quality Matcha:


1. Make sure you are getting the real deal. Which means you'll want to make sure your matcha comes from Japan.

While other countries like China and Indonesia are major tea producers, they don’t have the same reputation for matcha quality as Japan. 


2. Make sure your matcha has a bright green color. Lower quality matcha will have a dull color. It'll also lack the sweet umami flavor notes of the top layer of leaves reserved for the quality matcha.


3. Make sure your matcha is water soluble. Your quality matcha shouldn’t clump and should easily mix into your chosen liquid without much difficulty. 


Matcha, Done For You. 


Of course, you can always take your ceremonial grade matcha to go with you. At Moontower, we only use the highest quality ceremonial grade matcha.

So we've done the sourcing for you. And it's ready to drink - so you can avoid the hassles and time suck of whisking your matcha and dealing with clean up. 

And we never mix our matcha with lower quality matcha or regular green tea. So you get to enjoy the very best drinking matcha. 

Each can has the perfect serving size to get you energized, focused, and ready to attack the rest of your day. 

Whether it’s your fifth Zoom call of the day or your favorite post-work exercise class, if it worked for Zen monks during 8 hr meditations, it'll probably work for you too. 

You can buy your case now - click the link below, select your favorite flavor, and get free delivery straight to your door. 



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