How working professionals strategical use caffeine for performance

Here's the big misconception.

Do caffeine wrong, and caffeine will ruin your life. Use caffeine correctly and find levels of performance at work that you never thought possible.

And yes, we 'do' caffeine just as we 'do' drugs...caffeine is technically the world's most widely used psychoactive drug.

Here are our favorite tips to hone in your caffeine intake to reach your next level in life and business. 

There's really only 3 things you need to know about using caffeine correctly:

  • How to maximize it's effectiveness
  • How to time your intake correctly
  • When to eliminate it from your day

How to maximize effectiveness. 

You're about to learn the biggest secret of caffeine intake...

So many people want a quick hit. Surprisingly, synthetic caffeine found in most energy drinks is designed for a fast release.

It get's in our system right away, we feel the rush, and then it's gone. 

We crash...our productivity plummets. 

What if I told you the secret to maximizing caffeine's effectiveness is to slow down its release. Only then, can you can harness the true focusing and energizing  powers. 

This is why natural caffeine is best. 

It's naturally broken down much more slowly by the body than synthetic caffeine.

Essentially, caffeine found in nature is time-released. 

So you'll get more of a balanced energy release over time, without negative side effects like feeling too anxious or overwhelmed. 

If you do have an energy drink with manufactured caffeine, then you're gonna want to drink it over a longer period of time - slowly vs shooting it all at once.

It's the only way to slow it down and provide the huge spike and a a slow drip vs a fire hose. 

How to time your intake correctly. 

If you want to feel the effects of your caffeine drink kick in faster, then you're going to want to drink it on an empty stomach. 

Without food present, the boost will hit you sooner. 

This means about 30 min prior to eating a meal or about 1-2 hrs after your last meal. Use this as your guide when you're needing that initial boost right before a big presentation or long meeting. 

Then, by opting for a natural caffeine source, you'll get the sustained performance benefits of feeling more alert, focused, and driven. 

For the initial boost to kick in faster - choose to drink your caffeine on an empty stomach vs mixed with food. Then rely on your natural caffeine source of choice for sustained benefits over time. 

As a working professional, you know that mind and body are one: strong mind = strong body. If you're wondering if caffeine timing can help your exercise performance too - you're spot on!  

To maximize your exercise performance benefits from caffeine, you're going to want to drink your pick-me-up about 30 min prior to your workout. 

Caffeine before workouts has major benefits including greater strength gains, faster reaction times, and improved endurance. 

It's also been shown to help the body burn more unwanted calories as fuel for your training. 

So it's no secret that you'll get more out of your efforts with caffeine, much like in your workday. 

However, there's one golden rule about using caffeine that you must understand...

When to eliminate caffeine from your day. 

There are 2 primary sleep disruptors in this world. Alcohol and caffeine. 

Caffeine too late in the day will disrupt your deep REM sleep. It doesn't matter how hard you "pass out" when your head hits the pillow.

Once you swig that after dinner espresso, you can toss your hopes of feeling rested the next day goodbye. You won't be getting any quality sleep. 

It's best to live by a standard. Consider the golden rule of using caffeine to be your hard line in the sand caffeine cut off time. 

You're gonna need to abide by your caffeine cut off time if you really want to harness the true performance powers. 

It will help you protect your sleep quality so you can use caffeine as a productivity tool vs just trying to survive. But what time is best? 

This part, you may not like...your cut off time should be 6-8 hours prior to your bedtime. But based off the more recent research on sleep, sooner is often better. 

Caffeine has a half life of about 6-8 hours. So from the time you drink your first cup of coffee, half that amount of caffeine is STILL going to be in your system 6-8 hours later!

You can't hit deep rep sleep when your body is trying to process the energy drink you had at 6 pm. 

If you feel like passing your caffeine cut off time, imagine one of those workdays after a rough night's sleep. You feel like trash.

Your performance is in the tanks, you're irritable, and you guzzle more caffeine just to survive. 

Not exactly a productive day...don't cross that line! 

Looking for the best natural caffeine drink? Nature's got you. 

If you're anything like us, you want to find maximum focus in your work day. But you don't any of the jitters. 

Imagine the Zen-like focus Buddhist monks have in order to stay awake and alert during long periods of meditation. 

They've been drinking matcha for centuries. 

It's been the preferred source of natural caffeine and trusted for thousands of years. It's an energy drink as nature intended.

Only matcha has the perfect mix of caffeine and L-theanine. This natural plant compound helps the caffeine in matcha break down and metabolise more slowly.

The difference is steady and sustained release. None of the jitters. Just pure, clean energy. 

Plus, it's known as the espresso of tea. So you can drink it quickly and get on with your day - without feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. 

You get the prized "initial boost" followed by a slow release. 

We want you to experience it! Get a 12 pack of 100% ceremonial grade matcha delivered straight to your door - 100% FREE shipping.

Shop and order today. Hurry! We really don't want you to miss out. 

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