How to make a superfood matcha chai latte

Superfoods are true gifts from the earth. 

They're "super" because they help us perform our best each day. 

If you're a hard charging working professional with full days at the office, but you still want the energy for more...more workouts, and more time with those that matter to you most - you can't afford not to inlcude superfoods in your diet.

You'll get... 

  • more resilience to daily stressors
  • experience steady energy levels throughout your day
  • improve your cognitive function and ability to focus
  • fight the environment toxins we're exposed to
  • support an overall positive mood 

What are superfoods and are they good for us? 

Superfoods are nutrient dense foods, powders and spices that add high amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into our diet.   

One caveat is this...superfoods work best in helping us unlock our full potential when we're already eating a baseline diet that consists of real, minimally-processed whole foods. 

You can't out-superfood a poor diet. 

But if you'r already eating a balanced diet, finding little ways to add superfoods to your nutrition plan will take you to a whole new level of performance. 

More nutrients = more fuel for the body and brain. 

Superfoods are remarkable in their therapeutic properties and are associated with overall health improvements. They're loaded with antioxidants and all of them promote a more balanced immune system. 

Here's a few highlights of what these plant compounds can do...

Cinnamon has powerful blood sugar regulating effects. When blood sugar is stable during our day, we experience steady, more sustained energy with better mental clarity. 

Blueberries contain powerful plant compounds that have been shown to lower blood pressure. Not to mention the powerful free-radical fighting power of the "blue" antioxidant in these berries responsible for it's vibrant color. 

What's really interesting is the most beneficial superfoods are often the ones that are grown in the harshest, most stressful environments. 

Known as adaptogens, this unique group of superfoods offer us benefits for improved overall well-being, lowered perceptions of stress, and increased athletic performance. 

They grow in the icy cold tundra or at super high altitudes with minimal oxygen. Exposure to these extreme environments is what causes these plants to ramp up their superfood properties to survive. 

Their struggle = our benefit. 

When ingested, the plant compounds help us manage stress by promoting adrenal health, improve our mood by increasing alpha brain waves, and improve our longevity by helping the body clean out dead and damaged cells.

Ceremonial grade matcha is a perfect example of this. It's shade-grown. When the tea leaves are robbed of sunlight, they have to survive by ramping up production of L-theanine, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. 

Each of these compounds offers major health benefits when we consume matcha powder. 

How can I get more superfoods in my diet? 

The access and availability to high quality superfoods has never been easier.

Brands have now made it possible for you to harness the power of plants we wouldn't normally be able to include in our diet. 

Having trouble locating hand harvested, verified and organic reishi mushroom at your local grocer? No problem, there's a superfood powder for that. 

There's a million ways to include these unique plants in your diet. Sadly, the default delivery method for these unique nutritional gifts is either a protein smoothie or a cup of coffee. Perfectly fine......

And one of the easiest ways to get more superfoods into your diet is by using more spices on your food.

Cinnamon on top of a sweet potato is one simple way. 

Adding 1 cup of blueberries to your smoothie is another.  

But let's say you want a simple, yet tasty way to make superfoods a part of your weekly routine. You also don't want to break the calorie bank.

Give this tasty Matcha Chai Latte with reishi mushroom a try

It's an easy matcha with adaptogens mix that will give you unstoppable energy. 

Traditionally, chai uses black tea. This version uses matcha tea instead.

Get a delicious chai flavor from your own homemade mix like this chai baking spice recipe or you can buy one already made

....and if you're wondering when to enjoy a beverage like this, here are a couple examples to power your day: 

  • Your new morning drink. Served hot, it's an undeniably warm and comforting blend of spices. Plus, the matcha energy will help you power through anything your morning may throw your way. Reishi + matcha is a remarkably calm, yet extremely alert feeling.  

  • Use it as a coffee alternative later in your afternoon. We all know that coffee is a big spike followed by a crash. Try this instead when you want smooth and balanced energy. 

  • A pre-workout boost. Matcha is high in EGCG that encourages weight loss and an increased metabolism. It can even boost exercise performance by helping use more fat for fuel and accelerating recovery. 
  • Something warm on a cold day with strong immune support properties. The antioxidant benefits of matcha, chai spices and reishi mushroom is off-the-charts. 

  • When you're craving real nutrients - not just caffeine. Plus, it's without the unwanted calories of refined sugar.  

The best part is that this Matcha Chai Latte with adaptogens is super easy to make. 

Here's what you'll need: 

1-2 tsp of pure ceremonial grade matcha powder.

If you don't want to mess with powder or sweetener, you can use 1 can of Moontower Matcha Lightly Sweetened (w/ monk fruit, 0g sugar, & keto-friendly!)  

1/4 cup coconut milk (unsweet) I prefer to add about 6 oz water to the canned coconut milk options to thin it out and get pure coconut goodness. Or just use your favorite off the shelf brand in a carton. 

1 tbsp of MCT oil

1 tsp chai spice of choice (You can make your own but I found mine at a local spice shop called Savory Spice.)

Sweetener of choice (stevia, monk fruit, coconut palm sugar, honey or maple syrup) and sweeten to taste. My favorite honey is by Good Flow. I prefer their raw, unfiltered option and use 1/2 tbsp. 

If you're looking for this mix to be sugar free, you're going to want to choose stevia or monk fruit

1-2 tsp of reishi mushroom powder. ( We like TerraSoul brand 

Every spice in a chai mix is a superfood in it's own right - reishi mushroom, matcha, and MCT oil aren't the only superfood superstars in this drink. 

Superfood Matcha Chai Latte Benefits 

Cinnamon is excellent for antioxidant support within the body. It has the ability to balance healthy blood sugar levels while providing anti-inflammatory support.   

Ginger, another potent antioxidant, promotes healthy digestion and also contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. 

Cardamom is often used in holistic remedies that support immune health, improve blood circulation and as an effective aide in cellular detox. 

Clove is another spice in chai that has a whole host of health benefits due to it's strong antioxidant capacity.  

The trend here is that spices are a great way to not only add flavor, but also a way to pack a serious nutritional punch.

Not only will you get the benefits of the spices, but you'll also get healthy fats from the coconut milk base and the pure MCT oil. 

MCT oil, or medium chain triglycerides, are readily used by the brain and body for fuel. They promote improvements in cognitive function while helping the body ramp up up metabolism. 

You'll also get the astounding health, energy, and superfood benefits of pure ceremonial grade matcha. No other known food has more antioxidants than matcha. 

Plus, the adaptogenic benefits of reishi mushroom boost can help boost the immune system. 

Preparation is simple. No coffee house experience required: 

a. Heat all ingredients in a sauce pan until hot, stirring occasionally.

b. Use an immersion blender to get it nice and frothy with even distribution of all spices.

Enjoy! We love sharing your stories. Tag @drinkmoontower in your Matcha Chai Latte story pics so we can share! 

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