The mindset behind successful weight loss

There's a phrase in weight loss so cringeworthy...

It's been known to cause an urge to leap through the phone and strangle the person who speaks it. 

"It takes time." 

Let that sink in...because it frustratingly true. And if you've ever tried to finally lose the weight, you'll know it's true. 

Real and lasting results with any successful weight loss transformation will only come with time. 

It's annoying…

But the reality is that most people's weight is the culmination of 20 years poor eating and lack of healthy living.

It's more like a cruise ship trying to make a turnaround.

One shift in your mindset can mean the difference between getting the body or health you've always dreamed of feeling the pain of another failed attempt. 

The Shift: if you can switch out "this is gonna take time” for “this is gonna take lots of practice” then everything will change for you. 

Practice is tangible, it’s more digestible, and most important, it’s actionable.  

We can control how much practice we put in, but we can’t control time. Everyone is able to connect the dots between a lack of practice and poor results. 

When you bomb a presentation, your internal voice says, “I should have practiced more.” 

An impromptu day on the golf course with dust covered clubs typically ends in lots of high numbers on the score card.

It’s chalked up to "I just haven’t been practicing….” 

Or think about your favorite pro athlete. Your brain can instantly make the connection that..."he spends a lot of time practicing - that's why he's so good and can play at that level."  

But we never really hear anyone say "that guy/gal must spend a lot of time practicing their nutrition"

We’re all aware that individuals who put in the practice get the best results. 

You must practice eating healthy to lose the weight and keep it off.

Breakfast is an opportunity to practice starting the day off with a serving of quality protein.

Lunch and dinner are opportunities to practice eating a balanced plate with healthy, nourishing and whole foods.  

The next day, we practice again. After that, we practice more. Day in and day out, before you know it - you're getting better and you're seeing results.

The waistline is dropping, progress photos show more definition, and family members start to comment. 

Everything great is achieved through practice. Meal by meal, this is the process to success. 

But how can you accelerate your results?

There’s only one way to compress time for faster results…….you must practice with intensity. 

Headlines that scream "Shed 10 lbs in 10 days” are B.S. - nothing is sabotaging your quick slim down, there aren’t 10 tips, 19 hacks or 35 secrets to weight loss.

Intense practice is the only route. 

You can choose to eat good enough - a sandwich on wheat bread, with ice berg lettuce, and a little bit of deli meat. 

Or you can turn up the intensity, and decide “good enough” isn’t going to get you to where you want to go fast enough.

You opt for a salad, made with dark leafy greens like spinach, you select a quality protein source such as wild caught salmon, sardines packed in olive oil, or grass fed steak. 

....and you're sure to get a 6oz portion so you can kill hunger for hours and hours. 

Then you bring an avocado or olive oil based dressing to the dark leafy greens, and add a little extra avocado because you know good fats are crucial. 

Yeah, it may be intense to some...

But practicing healthy meals with greater intensity will compresses time and you'll get your results faster. 

That's sounds 100% worth it if you ask me. 

The same principle of intense practice applies to your workout routine. The people with the best physique's have achieved their results through lots of reps, done with intensity. 

We all know someone who’s always in the gym, yet continues to look the same year after year. They technically practice, but they lack intensity.

They’re checking their phone between every set, repeatedly changing songs, stopping to take a selfie or scroll their IG feed. 

Meanwhile, the guys and gals that practice with intensity get in and out quick. They stay focused and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Rest periods are tight, they stick to a program each week that’s designed to make them better, and they lift with excellent form.

Their practice is deliberate. 

In 8 weeks, these individuals accomplish more fat loss, strength and speed gains than most aspire to accomplish in an entire year. 

This is the ONLY weight loss secret to lose more and build more muscle in less time.

The days will pass either way. It’s the mindset that you approach each day with for your health goals that will make all the difference. 

Get after it.  Go get your “fast” results. 

Put in the practice behind the scenes and in private. You'll get rewarded in public. 

Written by Brett - Nutrition & Health Coach / Co-Founder of Moontower Matcha
Brett has worked for the last 10 years with thousands of individuals one-on-one to achieve their own health and fitness goals.
His mission is to share healthy habits, real-world solutions, and comprehensive strategies around nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management to help guide individuals to the results they desire most. 

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